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I been blogging actively for around 15months already. I’d be honest okay, my main reason in blogging is to earn extra income since I am raising my baby alone (yeah, singlemom your honor). But aside from that it is my sanctuary also. I’m kinda shy type of person and talking to even my friends about my sentiments is not that comfortable for me. So, everytime I feel down I visit my blogs and write something on it and I’m all set and feel better.

Did you know that aside from making myself feel better, and making money from my blog I learn a lot of ways on how to make money online. But of course you have to be careful in joining online earning opportunity because most of them is just scam!. Some of the opportunity is through paid surveys. I once register to it but later decided not to participate anymore becuase I was tired waiting for available surveys. Most of the market that need surveys is outside Philippines so I had less chance on taking a survey. I’m into Paid to Click too! you’ll earn very little each day but it’s better than nothing. If your establish in blogging and friends with other lucky blogger who always had an opps you also had a chance on writing article for them and we call ourselves as “ghost writer”. Do I need to explain why “ghost writer”? :) and many other!

What do I do with my online earnings? I use it in paying my broadband  connection and save some for a vacation with my daughter. I even had my netbook because of my earnings online. And since I am so overly gaga about dangling/chandelier earrings, once in a while I indulge myself buying those items like the one you see.

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  1. Matsumoto says:

    I love your earrings…most of mine are also dangling sis. Enjoy blogging, the pay comes later :)
    Matsumoto recently posted..Five Things You Didn`t Know About EdinburghMy Profile

  2. Don’t worry sis, the rewards will come. It may not be now, but it will be soon. What you’re doing is being productive, and that’ll be good enough for you and your daughter! =)

  3. Herbert says:

    I am earning online but not of the usual stuff like paid to blog or click or surverys, I worked as a freelancer and have foreign clients, mostly SEO and Internet Marketing are the usual services we are offering.
    Herbert recently posted..What Makes a Good Virtual AssistantMy Profile

  4. marri says:

    you’re such a strong woman and needless to say, a self-supportive one. mahirap ang sitwasyon para sa mga single moms lalo na kung walang umaalalay… walang ibang maaasahan kundi ang sarili mo lng. i am luckier because i have a dependable husband who provide for my family but i want to help him in some way. i hope you can share with me your story about securing your first peso through blogging. i want to experience how it is to make my own.
    marri recently posted..MR. BEAN: effect on kid’sMy Profile

  5. Sis, I started blogging to earn extra money too. I’m into several online opportunities – GW, paid posts, PTC, survey and oDesk. You might want to oDesk as they offer one time task, part time and full time work. :-)
    Thess Enriquez recently posted..Cordillera Experience – From Bontoc to SagadaMy Profile

  6. MommyGagay says:

    i also earn online from, just same with you, writing article for my blogs..but i haven’t tried ghost writing yet.. ;D most of my earnings? gadgets and travels..hihihi
    MommyGagay recently posted..Bacolod City Catering Services and Party PackagesMy Profile

  7. Stacy says:

    wala ako tyaga sa mga ganyan hehe. I just want to blog about what I want
    Stacy recently posted..Good Shepherd Convent Baguio: Best Baguio PasalubongMy Profile

  8. Cielo says:

    I am blogging since 2005 it is only in 2007 that I learned that I can actually earn from blogging…cool. earning while doing the things you love blogging.

    Blogging has given me and bought me many things, sofa set, tuition fee of my kids, Meralco bills, my office outfits etc etc.

    I hope that there will be many opps to come, I am still a corporate slave, how I wish that just like Mommy Ruby and Mommy Pehpot other Moms who are earning online, I wish that this will give me more inspiration to quit the corporate world and be a WAHM
    Cielo recently posted..Congratulations to Our Graduates : Joal and AliMy Profile

    • Shengkayful says:

      same tayo mommy! how i wish din talaga na na i could depend my bread and butter sa of nowparang hindi eh..I am just happy lang kasi some of my expenses nababayadan ng blogging ko..

  9. I think blogging is one of some best ways to earn money online. This is not very difficult task to post a blog but you should have the quality of contents and consistency.

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