Thoughts to Ponder Sunday

As the title of this blog says Life is Beautiful! I will be sharing every Sunday an inspiring thought for us to ponder to make our life more beautiful each day.


One day, GOD had a work for me to do. HE showed me a rock and told me to push it with all my might. For many years, I pushed and pushed but nothing happened. The rock hasn’t moved even an inch. In a discouragement, I ask GOD why am I failing. The LORD responded, “your task is to push the rock. Never did I mentioned that you move it. Now my child, will move the rock.

Obedience to GOD is easy if we only know how to listen. He doesn’t want us to suffer, He only wants us to Learn.


Moral of the story..don’t complicate life. Just live as it is. Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Hello sheng… dropping by here:

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  2. rj's mama says:

    nice thoughts sis :)

    Mom-ME time linky is up, would love to see you there!
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  3. i love the message Shengkay..thanks
    Kat-in-the-kitchen recently posted..Breakfast at JollibeeMy Profile

  4. Techie She says:

    i already read this short story in the email few months (or years) ago but the thought still strikes me as new over and over because of the wonderful lesson behind it.

    thanks for sharing sheng. regards!
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  5. Bhavna says:

    That was an amazing story loved it feel motivated so gonna do these motivational posts everyday or just on lucky sunday….

    would appreciate if you can visit my blog too

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